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How to Get a Perfect Score of 2400 in SAT 2018?

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SAT is an acclimatized test that guarantees admission to the reputed colleges and universities in the United States. Originally derived from the Army IQ Test, SAT was established in the year 1926 and was primarily known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test. Over the years, SAT had undergone several modifications and was acknowledged as Scholastic Assessment Test, SAT I: Reasoning Test, SAT Reasoning Test and now finally SAT. It is a paper-based mode of examination that determines the admission of students in various undergraduate courses in the country. More than 1.5 million students are known to appear for the test every year, which is undertaken by the College Board and administered by the Educational Testing Service.

Focusing on the general discussion, scoring a perfect 2400 in SAT 2018 (in the three compulsory sections each comprising of 800 marks), is a matter of practice and perseverance. Abiding by the ‘Study smart, not hard’ rule, here is a detailed analysis of how to hit the bulls-eye in one of the most targeted examinations of the US.


  • ‌Enroll For Competitive Tests

The key to preparing smart is to grab every opportunity that comes in the way. Enrolling for the Olympiad examinations or any other competitive test of the same sort is always advisable since it gives the much-needed exposure to the students. By attempting the challenging problems available in these tests, the student gets prepared both mentally and logically and performs the best in the targeted examination. Besides, the AIME, as well as the AMC 10/12, also provides a vast exposure for enhancing the problem-solving abilities.

  • ‌ Practice More

The more you practice the higher you will score. Appearing in real-time mock tests perfectly analyses the preparation of the students appearing for SAT exam.

  • ‌Avoid Making Careless Mistakes

While reading the paper, always mark words like ‘ALWAYS’, ‘EXCEPT’ and ‘MUST’, overlooking which might result in losing the mark. Besides, completing the paper 15 minutes before time is always advisable, since it spares additional time to recheck the portions of doubt and rectify the mistake.


  • ‌Be An Effective Reader

To score perfectly in SAT, one needs to be an effective reader. The habit of fast and attentive reading, as well as understanding, can be inculcated by reading newspapers regularly. Besides, the question pattern of the recent years advises the students to read literature from the 1800s. However, the modern style should also be adapted well.

  • ‌Build Vocabulary

The main content for scoring the best in English is building a strong vocabulary. Try shuffling between books written by top writers and peep into the dictionary more often. Never hesitate to take the advice of teachers on what to read and what to avoid, since reading only the best would lead to a perfect score.

  • ‌Practice Daily

Take care of the imperfection to reach perfection. Hence, the only way to get a perfect score in this section is to practice religiously and intelligently.

Writing and Language

  • ‌Learn The Rules

To be a perfect scorer, follow the rules of this section by carefully analyzing the previous year’s questions. Segregate the sections and prepare separately. Learning the rules helps the students understand the question and the context in a better way, which is a MUST in this section.

  • ‌Understand The Question

Students often fail to differentiate in between grammar, style, and context, which is why practicing the previous year’s SAT papers are highly recommended. Read twice or thrice if needed to understand what the question or the sentence in reference is demanding.


A perfect score of 2400 cannot be achieved in one day. It needs thorough practice, devotion and umpteenth confidence in oneself. Lack of confidence can fail even the hardest preparation, and to build that confidence-practice is the key.

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