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Finishing a teaching degree? Four post-degree life choices open to you

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If you are nearing graduation from your teaching degree, you could feel very excited. However, you could also be experiencing lingering feelings of uncertainty about what to do next. That’s understandable; however, in a bid to clear your confusion, here are four options to mull over.

Postgraduate study

The teaching degree you are near finishing might cover quite a broad remit. However, if you would like to narrow your focus within the education field, postgraduate study could help you do so.

Through taking on a post-grad course, you can add more skills to your teaching repertoire and deepen your pedagogical knowledge – but make sure that you can adequately fund this studying.

Supply teaching

You might be wary of strongly committing to any particular career path shortly after qualifying, but you wouldn’t need to set your teaching path in stone if you opt for supply teaching. It would, all the same, allow you to amass teaching experience without being overly weighed down by workload.

It can also be a good confidence-booster, given the range of scenarios it would let you sample.

ESL programmes

Joining one of these means that you could familiarise yourself with a new environment abroad but still add to your teaching experience. You could also come into contact with members of various cultures, but watch out for loneliness setting in if you have long been tethered to home.

Permanent job

Falling into one of these is the most common fate of teaching graduates. While following them on this path would entail handling a hefty workload, you could also be attracted to the security and routine that come as standard in a permanent teaching post.

Consider that the website of specialist staffing agency Simply Education enables you to peruse a range of vacancies for permanent and temporary teaching jobs across the United Kingdom.

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