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A Teacher’s Guide To Planning A Great School Trip

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Taking a trip outside the school walls into the big wide world can be a highlight of a child’s year. Depending on where you go, this could be an awesome opportunity for your students to pack tons of learning into one exciting day while exploring a place outside of the classroom. If you’re going to be taking your kids out for a field trip this year, make sure it’s memorable, safe, and not too stressful with these essential preparation steps.

  1. Find a trustworthy transport service. Hauling students away from school usually requires something more than the school’s small transport van. You’re probably going to need a specialist coach service, and if you’re taking a long-distance field trip with your class then you’ll need a transport company that offers long-haul rides. Use a bus charter sydney with plenty of strong recommendations and drivers that know how to handle a bus full of excited kids, and book well in advance so you don’t have to worry about finding a booking at the last moment.
  2. Set your objectives. Your field trip is unlikely to be successful on either an educational or organisational level if you don’t have a clear goal in mind for the day. What is it that you want the kids to get out of the day? What are you hoping they learn? Is it to enhance a certain subject they’re studying in their curriculum, or to learn something a little different? Have a goal for your school trip and it’ll be far easier to find the perfect location for your day out.
  3. Do some research. Too many teachers take their classes on the same field trip year after year. This gets boring for the teacher and can leave you feeling far less enthusiastic about another trip around the same museum you’ve visited plenty of times before, and your lack of excitement can rub off on the class. Think outside of the box and do some research to look for alternative options. There may be a fun, fascinating spot in your city that you had never considered before. Make a list of alternatives to your usual trip location and then consult with your headmaster or senior member of staff to discuss the options.
  4. Minimise the chaos. Anything you can do to bring down the level of hectic chaos on your field trip will help you remain calm and allow your class to really get the most out of the day. This could mean planning your trip to a particular location on a day that’s less popular for visitors than alternative days, or avoiding areas that tend to be very busy. A chaotic, busy market may be great for learning about shopping or healthy eating, but it’s also an easy spot to find yourself in a panic about keeping your school class together.
  5. Have a grouping strategy. If you set out with no plan for how the class is going to stick together you’ll quickly lose control over the group. This is especially true when travelling with small children who easily wander off or get confused. Create a buddy system and pair kids with other students who you know they work well with, and organise chaperones to oversee small groups so they’re not taking on too much at once.
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